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Norwich, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 7973450122

  • Tony Paice - Professional trader & mentor since 2011

  • Tony has averaged around 11% to 26% for each month over the last 6 months of financial market trading

  • Using technical analysis, price action, order blocks, fibonacci and sentiment to produce monthly returns




 * Tony has averaged around 11% to 26% for each month over the last 6 months of financial market trading *



The process is simple.  You join us based on a contract of reward-based crowdfunding and we will give you monthly reward payments direct to your bank account based on 37% of our monthly account performance with a discretionary bonus of 3% making your return up to 40% a month. 

To simplify:  You give the company 100.  The company gives you 200 back as a reward.  When you have received double the value of your deposit the contract ends.  No further payments are made






So how do we achieve giving you up to 40% in a month?


The answer is simple.  We trade intraday on global markets and we make a profit each month


At the end of each month we will have a % figure made and profits are distributed accordingly


Each month we make a profit (this is the 100% calculation for that month), we keep 60% of our performance and give you 37% to 40% back


As an example.  If we make a final monthly amount of $100 (a theoretical 10% gain on our trading account), then $60 (6%) is kept by the company to ensure continued growth and $40 (4%) is given back to you





37% (+3% bonus) PROFIT SHARE EXAMPLE:


You send 100

You will have received 200 on maturity

Your return per month is calculated on our account performance for that month

If the monthly performance is 20%.  8% will be allocated to you

Your payment for the month on your 100 = 8



At an average monthly performance of 20% per month (8% is allocated returns) you will receive double rewards back in approximately 2 years

At an average monthly performance of 10% per month (4% is allocated returns) you will receive double rewards back in approximately 4 years









We are looking for Angel Investors from all over the globe to join us in our start-up phase

We are looking for people that are certified high net worth individuals, sophisticated investors or self-certified sophisticated investors

The whole process is built on donation-based and reward-based crowdfunding

Any donation to the company is gladly appreciated but we prefer to give you rewards back instead

For those who are not sure what Angel Investing is please feel free to click on this wiki picture link








We pride ourselves on exceptional risk to reward

We can maintain an unprecedented professional low drawdown on the accounts (anything from 3% upwards)

We generate low risk and stable returns


If you are serious about looking for reward-based returns then you only have to look around the internet and you will not find any other competition that delivers what we deliver




Here at ServicesFX we do not offer massive unrealistic unstable gains


Our drawdown can be maintained and regulated in the region of 3% or upwards


What we do offer is complete transparency with verified results


Our strategy generates low risk and stable returns




ServicesFX was born in May 2018

Our goals are to outperform every single competitor in the Industry

The Angel Investor account is shown for true transparency

Statistics are updated in real time (excluding weekends)

 Link to ServicesFX Statistics





There is no minimum amount. There is a maximum limit of 500 GBP per contract per month. You can have more than 1 contract

All reward-based deposits will follow Anti Money Laundering regulation and as such Third Party payments are not accepted


The ServicesFX Angel Investor account is shown for competitive strategies and is not an indication of future performance


We are offering reward-based crowdfunding returns based on our own start-up capital.  Your donations are not part of the trading capital at all.  We trade our own funds

If you join us before the 10th of each month you will qualify for an automatic reward payment to your account on the following 1st of each month for the full amount of 37% of our monthly account performance plus discretionary 3% bonus (40%).  If you join after the 10th of the month a percentage will be allocated and sent to your account on the following 1st of each month




2016 - Concept in motion

2 years in design and planning created an opportunity to offer reward-based returns by working with Tony Paice who has over 15 years experience in the financial sector.  Tony's profile can be found here

2018 - Website launch


We use our start-up capital to give you a reward-based return of 2 times your deposit






The profit share of 37% per month, plus a discretionary 3% bonus of our monthly account performance located here will be allocated to the Angels that joined us until you receive 2x back, the agreement will terminate and you will have received double back

In the event that the company makes a loss in any month or the monthly performance is lower than 5%, 1% will still be given back each month until the performance goes into profit or gains more than 5% again

If you wish to terminate the agreement before it matures you can request this at any time.  Your agreement will be terminated and we will refund you, minus any payments we have already made to you.  Basically you do not lose or gain anything with us

Your incentive here is to continue your
agreement with us until it matures reaching 2x.  When you have received double the value of your deposit the contract ends.  No further payments are made.   The agreement will then terminate

You can have more than one agreement.  Each agreement is counted as a separate entity and will be treated as such until it reaches 2x maturity

Your holding period for each agreement will be 30 days from your initial date.  You will not accrue any interest or additional payment should you terminate your agreement within these 30 days and your Angel Investment will be refunded in full

There is no Compounding option

As an Angel investor we guarantee you full protection of your privacy and your information is kept strictly confidential

In 2-4 years you will have made 2x

As you can see the potential as an angel investor in our company is exceptional.  We do not offer you a "get rich quick" scheme.  We offer Angel investors a unique and competitive reward-based crowdfunding package with a concrete business plan which is based on solid calculations for slow and steady company growth to ensure stability for many years to come

As our company grows, our profits rise.  As our profits rise, your part of the profit share rises exponentially

Our Funds are backed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in the UK.  The FSCS protect consumers when authorised financial services firms fail. They have helped millions of people and paid billions of pounds in compensation since 2001


If you would like to know more or if you would like to contact us please feel free to click "Statistics, How to Start or Contact".  We will answer any questions you may have




Financial currencies are subject to market risk.  Prices rise and fall and past performance is no assurance of future performance. You should obtain individual financial advice based on your own particular circumstances before making any decision